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Is being a tourist so exhausting that you’ll need a vacation after your vacation?


Slow down on one of your days in Tuscany and join us at our little farm, learning about what we do and getting a taste of real country life.

Siena country


Madonna Bella farm is so close to the city center (only one mile from Siena) it's easy to reach by taxi or if you have a car, it’s a five minute drive.



Take a break from your busy schedule: sometimes you need one to really absorb the art and history that you have just experienced in the city.

Madonna Bella Farm

We have a passion for for Tuscany and our products

Our farm, managed by 6 friends who share a passion for Tuscany and our products, offers a large garden surrounded by olive trees, planted grape vines and fields of wheat.

We press our own extra virgin olive oil and produce fresh and dry pasta from "grano duro" variety of durum wheat cultivated right on the premises, ensuring freshness and authenticity.

When you come to visit us we will offer you a complimentary glass of Madonna Bella IGT and you are free to have a walk around our estate.

red wine

Our Products

Shipping for wine and extra virgin olive oil is available to the U.S.A., and extra virgin olive oil to CANADA.
Please inquire about shipping prices at

extra virgin olive oil Italy

From our olive trees

Extra virgin Olive Oil

Humans have cultivated olives for 600 years, beginning in Turkey and spreading all over the Mediterranean area. In Italy the olives probably came from Greece and today there are 600 varieties in Italy - 168 in Tuscany alone! We grow four types: moraiolo, leccino, frantoio e pendolino. We harvest the olives in October and cold press them in our own oil press here at Madonna Bella. The very low acidity of our oil puts it in the most prestigious category "extra virgin olive oil".

Grano duro Pasta

From the renowned "Grano duro"

Fresh and dry our own pasta

We own two acres of land where we grow Italian grano duro. The flour from our grain is used to produce both dry and fresh pasta. Dry - torchietto and casareccia shapes, Fresh - various shapes. Available for sale at the farm.

Vina Ati

Grape vines

Nobile di Montepulciano "Vina Ati" is composed of 100% Sangiovese Prugnolo grapes.

It is aged for two years in oak barrels and one in the bottle. The grapes are harvested in September and fermented in their skins for 15 days in stainless steel vats. The wine is then aged for two years in a 10 hectoliter Slavonian oak barrel. We then bottle the wine and leave it to age yet another year in the bottle. Our Nobile di Montepulciano will remain of the highest quality for 15 years. A dry, full-bodied red wine with soft tannins, it pairs extremely well with protein-rich foods such as meats (especially game), cheeses, and legumes. The name,Vina Ati, is inspired by the fact that Sangiovese prugnolo grape berries are the oldest to have ever been found, and were discovered in our own area among Etruscan artefacts dating back to the 2nd century BC. “Vina Ati” means “the mother vine” in Etruscan.

Chianti Madonna Bella

MadonnaBella Chianti

MadonnaBella Chianti: Sangiovese 90%, Cabernet Sauvignon 10%.

The grapes are harvested in September and fermented in their skins for 15 days in concrete vessels at a controlled temperature. We then bottle the wine and leave it to age for at least a year in the bottle. Our Chianti will remain of the highest quality for 8 years. A fruity red wine with the hints of wild red berries found in traditional Chianti wines, it's an everyday wine that pairs perfectly with Meditterean cuisine like appetizers, pasta dishes and meats, but it is also perfect to sip on while you are preparing dinner or chatting with friends. Ours is a DOCG Chianti, which means that the grapes must be grown in accordance with a strict certification procedure in a specific region of Tuscany in order to earn the name. We named this wine MadonnaBella in honor of our land on the outskirts of the city of Siena, named by friars who worked it in the Middle Ages.

Super Tuscan IGT

Grape vines

Our new Super Tuscan IGT “Il Tesoro” is composed of 50% SanGiovese and 50% Merlot grapes.

The grapes are harvested selectively at separate times, in September for the Merlot and early October for the SanGiovese.
The juice ferments for around 20 days in stainless steel vats. The wine is then aged for two years in a French Tonneau barrel, followed by another year in an enormous barrel made of Slavonian oak. We then bottle the wine and leave it to age yet another year in the bottle. This is why finally, today, we are proud to announce that our Tesoro 2015 wine is ready to be opened! It will remain of the highest quality for the next 15 years. A dry, full-bodied oaked red wine, it pairs extremely well with aged cheese and roasted or grilled meats. Or, drink it slowly after dinner as you contemplate life. Without a doubt, this is the crown jewel of Madonna Bella, rightfully named “Tesoro” (Treasure).

White vines in Chianti area in Tuscany

White wine

Giallo Siena

We have called it “GIALLO SIENA” after the famous yellow marble from this area (pictured above). Like the marble which inspired its name, the grapes used to make this wine are unique and traditional from white vines in Chianti area in Tuscany, where the mineral structure of the soil and the Tuscan sun have remarkable in its delicate, refined flavor. The Giallo Siena grapes give our wine a great aroma, acidity and dryness!
Our new wine will be ready to ship in April 2020 and while you have yet to taste it, you can trust us when we say it’s perfect for pairing with fish and with antipasti.

Also avalaible

Organic Saffron

Grown and harvested by hand on the farm of our dear friends Franca and Franco at Frances Lodge (link this to in the countryside outside of Siena.
Saffron has been grown in Tuscany since the Middle Ages. At that time the merchants of San Gimignano exported it all across Europe and Africa, although not as a culinary product but rather as a fabric dye. It's called "the gold spice" because although the flowers are a distinctive red, the stems when cooked turn any dish a gorgeous golden yellow hue. Harvesting saffron is a painstaking process but to which our friends are dedicated.
Sold by gram without adding shipping costs if you order any of our other products. A family recipe is included with the saffron.


  • We Welcome You to Visit our Farm

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    Should you wish it we can give you a tour of the farm with an explanation of how we grow and process the food, or a wine-food-pairing experience sitting on our patio or on a bench among the olive trees admiring the amazing Siena skyline.

    Madonna Bella Team

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